Bassam Tarazi

I give a damn.

That's why I created Colipera.
That's why I wrote the book: The Accountability Effect. 

That's why I launched the course: Ready. Set. Finish.

For those with 9-to-5's, I maximize their 5-to-9's.

Want a sample? Take the Operation: Stop The Bleeding questionnaire for free.

I teach people to finish.
I'm co-creator of The Ignition Lab.
I'm a co-founder of the Nomading Film Festival.
I'm a co-founder of Magnet.

I've been to 47 countries. I've met Fidel Castro. I've dove with great whites. I've been to Everest Base Camp. I've started companies. I've lost it all. I've bounced back. I've learned.

But I couldn't have done it alone. I'm the luckiest guy alive because of the people I have around me.

Together. Be better.

Want to just say hello? Write me at or follow me on twitter because I'm hell bent on curating the human connection.

Be accountable. Live an interesting life. No one wants to talk to an old person with no stories to tell.

More of my story here.

Live. Love. Never stop learning...never ever stop.

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